Friday, April 22, 2011

I hate....

Inspired by Tosh.0's I hate videos

things i hate

1. I hate when people say to me the word Gotcha.
2.Good for you( sounds so condescending)
3. That's totally you--or another variation is I don't like it, but its cool for you.
4. Sorry you feel like that way( to me, its like you're wrong you idiot) quit feeling bad or I didnt mean it that way.

This sounds like and angry/venting blog, but its not...its just a list of things i hate. Tomorrowish i will do one of my list of things i love.


I hate that every one and their mom is pregnant. Really? the whole world is basically pregnant! don't they know the world is ending in 2012!?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

stressful week!

I felt like i had a lot on my plate this week, but its finally over with for now. I get so antsy when i have a lot of things to do, and things i need to accomplish. I can just relax now! Im pretty excited about the labor day weekend, i have nothing planned but still excited. I cant think of anything else right uh ya

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I am 26 years old. I have quit my job, im living at home. Sounds pathetic right? it pretty much is. I am in dire need for some serious change..All i do all day is spend countless hours on craigslist looking and applying for jobs i dont want. Gotta have money to do anything in this world, so guess i have to have a job i dont want. My ideal day in a dream world would consist of getting up at about 9 and have a hearty breakfast out on a balcony that overlooks the city, maybe make a few additions on a painting that ive been working on, or add a few clever words to a novel ive been working on, then go hit up the gym, take some photos, have an intelligent conversation about life over some herbal tea, then take a long shower with candles lit all around, then make dinner with friends and watch tv or a movie on a big screen. You are all probably wondering why i dont just go do these things that i want?? Society says, get married, date an eligible guy, have a successful career. Sure we all long for relationships, but lets be honest they dont just happen that easily...and most of these successful careers are just plain boring!! My goals for the next couple of months: Move out, Get a tolerable job, finish my book, paint a pic, record a song. Also Im starting a new diet on Saturday, and so by March 28th the goal is to be down 40 lbs by then. So i was thinking about using my blog as kind of a diet tracker, posting my measurements, and pounds lost...because i know no one ever looks at my blog! Im really excited to do this diet. I went and looked at swimsuits i will be buying for this summer season.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dear Diary

SO this book is pretty darn good. If you were a child that was in junior high between 95-97, this book may be more appealing. The thing that caught me was her talking about wearing exclamation perfume in 7th grade. I totally wore that, and it was the hottest perfume. That and SUNFLOWERS. HA. Thinking about it, is making me giggle. Anyways saw it at barnes and noble, but it was like $20 bucks. So i ordered it on, for like $5 bucks! It has some perverse language, so dont read it if you get offended. Its just about the author herself so its just kind of her life as a girl and how she grew up. A lot of funny stuff I can relate to.


Relationship update, none!

end post.

11/11/2011 at 11:11 a.m will be a good day/time


I finally touched one! Ha no not that, an ITOUCH. Okay, so im totally Apple Illiterate. I love Pc's, its left or right click, so simple! It was pretty cool, and secretly I kind of want one. Back when ipods were like $400 i bought one for a day, and my computer was dumb and couldnt format it. I got frustrated and got my money back. But now this is way cool, it's like a mini internet connection in your hand, and then i could put my fav songs on it. So santa maybe will bring it to me. Or i might cave and by it, maybe black friday will have some discounted ones....anyways cool. Im probably way behind the times on this, but whatever!


This beautiful man is named Bill Callahan. He is the Singer for a band called SMOG. I really enjoy them a lot. I always like finding new bands, they arent a new band, but they are new to me. is genius because you put in an artist or genre and they bring up artists that you might enjoy. SO that is how i discovered my smog. The song that got me was a song called "Our Anniversary". Definitely a good one. His voice reminds me of the late tim buckley, who i love an adore! I want to buy all the albums! check it out!